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Originally Posted by ttpete View Post
Be careful. I wouldn't get too eager on that, especially if the triple is a casting. All you want to do is relax any tension it might have. Let it soak and occasionally tap the clamp with a plastic hammer. If you can get a strap wrench, you could try twisting the tube to free it up.
Originally Posted by bomber60015 View Post
again, heat and kroil will be your friends in getting the leg to budge . . . and those triple trees are kinda fragile (learn from MY mistake and make your own new ones)
Yeah, I didn't think that really cranking on the pinch bolt was safe (and glad I didn't do it!).

I'll keep up the soaking (the other leg was really rusted on the lower clamp) and tapping it while I round up a strap wrench (excellent suggestion!). Online and locally there seem to be a lot of cheap strap wrenches that don't even survive one use. It's too bad for me my neighbor the plumber retired and moved south - he would probably have had 3 good ones!

Many thanks again, guys!
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