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It's official.......I hate border crossings

I did two in one day yesterday
When I crossed in to El Salvador a week ago, things went ok. I used a helper. I paid him ten bucks.
When I reached the Honduras border, a guy came up to me and he knew my name. Apparently, the guy from last week called his buddy and said I would be coming his way in about a week. First off, I forget everyones name within about five seconds from meeting them. This guy remembered. It is like we were buddies. And he was going to help me.
I handed him all my papers, my passport, drivers license, etc.......and off he went. A little while had past and I realized that this guy who I really didnt know at all had all of my papers and documents.
I started to panic.
I found him. He told me that I had some problems but he was going to get it done under the table.
He also told me that he paid 20 bucks for my visa. I tried to get my documents back from him but they were with the officials and he said to not bug them as he was working a deal.
One by one, I got the documents back from him. Some I had to pry from his hands. But once I got them, I called BS.
He got mad. He said I owed him for the money he had spent.
I told him he was a liar.
He called the police over but they didnt do anything.
I gave the guy the guy some money and said I was sorry but I didnt believe him, got on my bike and headed out. I was thinking that I would be ambushed down the road.
I got to the Nicaraguan border 2 hours later. I had no problems getting across.
they did ask for money
I told them that the CA 4 doesn't charge money
He had my passport and wasnt giving it back until I paid my 12 dollars. I hell with it.......its only 12 time is worth more than that.
I paid him the money and he made change from a big wad of cash from his pocket. The more honest countries, you pay the bank and get a receipt
Well, I must have had sucker written all over my face because another wanted 12 bucks too. And it is funny because they wanted dollars not Cordobas. I paid this guy too. And I was on my way
The problem at border crossings is don't have any friends. You can't trust anyone
You don't know what to believe. You don't know where to go, what stamps you need, what stamps you don't need, how much money you owe, what copies you will need, what windows to go to and what order everything needs to be done in. there is no directions anywhere. And add the......I dont know Spanish thing in to the equation, it just plain sucks
One thing I learned is to not let your documents out of tour hands and in to a helpers hands.
Dont trust anyone
If you need to pay money, just pay it. You are not going to win an argument with a guy Hilding your passport and preventing you from entering your next country

And relax
Its just part of the adventure
Have a beer later
Dig your toes in to the warm sand, enjoy the amazing view from the beach and laugh at it all.
That's what I did
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