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I learned a couple valuable lessons today in Argentina I would like to pass on. First, don't speed through town even though you are in a pack of locals speeding through town. You are the gringo, be the gringo! Cost for this lesson, a mere 50 peso's ($10 US). AND don't piss off the peace officer, who can't pass because his car is a POS. And when you do pass, he catches up with you at the police check point and claims you passed on the double yellow line. Damn, that was a mouth full, I not sure I even believe that lesson. Cost, a mere 830 peso's ($160 US).

The Sargent wanted to know if I was going to pay in Gringo dollars, I said, hell no!!! Hint: they really, really like the "blue" dollar in Argentina. The official exchange rate is around 5 pesos per dollar but I just saw that you can sell "blue" dollars on the "black" market for around 7.50 pesos. ... so many colors.
Good to know!
Man, every country is different. In Ecuador, you'd better go as fast as everyone else or there will be honking and knashing of teeth. Personally I was able to get away with driving like a total maniac through the city of Guayaquil without even turning the heads of the Transito. It was a blast ignoring everything but red lights. I find the practicality delightfully refreshing in that they are only concerned with safety, not behaviour. Do what you want, but if you get in a wreck, you're gonna pay big time, and sit in jail until it's paid. That's how it should be everywhere - you rarely see wrecks in Ecuador. Outside the city on the via a la playa, I passed a Transito (they run with their blue/red lights flashing all the time there) on a curve with a double-yellow line. I gave them a wave as I went by on the outside of the curve. But I didn't do it at random; I saw someone else ahead of me do it first. Fun country!
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