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Everyone tells me BLANK is dangerous
Fill in the BLANK with any country
Its seems everywhere is dangerous
I have not seen any of that danger yet
But I am not going looking for it either
That doesnt mean I am only riding during the day and staying at fancy resorts either
Right now I am eating a nice steak dinner and then going back to my two dollar a nice camp spot
I have an armed guard outside the reataurant watching over me and my bike.
Should I be worried?
I dont think so
I think there is a lot of violence in these countries
El Salvador is probably the worst
Here are two stories I heard

A guy I met was showing the sites to some journalists. they came across a van with its drivers slumped over the door window with blood running down the side of the door. He had about 20 bullet holes in his body. Evidently, he did not pay his monthly extortion fee to the gangs and was killed.

Another guy owned a hotel resort on the beach. The mob came to him and asked him to pay thousands of dollars a month. He negotiated down to 100 a month. He was paying it every month and then the mob came to him with a proposition........if he paid 500 in advance, he would be good for 7 months. I understood that the head guy was in jail and they were trying to raise enough money to buy his way out.

I cant believe this stuff really happens
And this is all true
I only believe 5% of what I hear, but I know this to be fact.
Taxi drivers pay 25 bucks a month in El Salvador to stay alive.

Think about, our country has its problems but at least we can go to sleep at night without fear of being killed by the mob for not paying up. We kind of have the same thing but its called the IRS, but you just go to jail and work out with weights and learn new ways to do bad things from others
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