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Mass attack on HRC

Well, good morning not been too many Ozzies around?

The knives have been being sharpened for months and have been out over the last days – last night we saw a “Psycho” style attack on HRC
Now the story or rumour commenced on real time ADV from an external source – was that source speculgating, or was it well founded?
It was rather quick and Helder seemed to be some way from home, no hint of the issue in the subsequent reporting by Helder – has anyone been out to check on the bush, was it on fire?
So is this a non story and a few Red faces guilty of a feeding frenzy on HRC, or a cover up – I’m sure the speculation will continue.
One thing for sure though is that Honda have, are still and will continue in attracting a lot of focus They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, but sometimes you are not so sure?
Let’s backtrack and think about what they have achieved from a standing start. Love them or hate them for their methodical approach, when you are spending so much money a corporation like Honda, or any other for that matter, will do it by the book, not the seat of the pants.
Yes there will be mistakes and learning – they call that R&D and I think if we are all honest this is what this Dakar was about for HRC – perhaps we have been expecting too much? – but we have seem glimpses. Also don't forget that they lost their 2nd and 3rd riders a month before the event - a big hit for them and the guys.
Realtime reporting can be a harsh bedfellow, but it will be interesting to see where they are in 3, 6 9 and 12 months.
Considering the time KTM and Speedbrain have had to develop their efforts, this is not unreasonable?

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