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Originally Posted by macadamia View Post
Sorry, I'm currently in the hospital in San Clemente. I had a small bowel blockage knock me down after I returned from my successful iron butt ride, 50CC. I've been in since last Friday and was just put on clear liquids this afternoon. I also was severely dehydrated. They've been pumping in full bags of IV solution at 150cc/hr since I arrived. It was definitely something I ate on Wednesday, the day after I made it home... But being dehydrated has not helped.

It could have been much worse...

that sucks andy.

hang in there and you should be ok soon.

Originally Posted by scruffy View Post
Hey Joel,
No sign of my payment yet? I personally dropped it in a mail box on the 4th. I mailed it from Key West and it was a mo for $212 for me and Berolina #104 and #105. If you haven't received it by tomorrow I will paypal you and I'll see what I can do about a lost mo. Maybe I can get my money back from the post office.

hi don, i have not seen anything. went through my mail a couple of times, went to the trash and looked. sorry - nothing.

paypal is good and i will let you know if your check comes in.

Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
There's some nice shopping that can be done in the raffle donation line up.

we are waiting for more donations, but pretty much we have donations from companies that are good source for our needs for gear and equipment.

hmmm....if you have a 3 choices, what will you pick?

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