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MuddySump: I did my best but somehow I don't think I made a dent in the Guiness supply.

SplitRock: I rented for 7 nights, to be honest I don't recall the exact amount as my memory is further confused by currency exchange which has likely changed. I want to say it was around 1000 to 1200 USD? All things considered it wasnt too bad. I'd do it again in a heart beat and already have plans to do so with my dad in a year.

Holckstar: You're a smarter man then I, I was definitely a little chili on my ride. Not by much but another month would have likely helped. I'll look forward to that Guiness and again keep me posted as to when you're going to be out in the rockies.

Cloudhopper: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now grab the Mrs and get out and ride!!!

hairnet: I didn't go into Lismore castle as I didn't know it was there until I went passed it. I stopped off for a picture but was too focused on covering some miles with my departure date quickly approaching. If I had the time I would have loved to stop off and check it out. Glencar was stunning btw, cool neighborhoods too. I approached the vee from the south as I was working my way NE through Kilkenny and ultimately Rathrum. Beautiful view, loved the road N of the vee as well.
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