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Hey, Matt.

How's it going man?

Yep. Doing well. I haven't been riding much lately. Too many other projects and/or too cold.
Yeah. I saw some old posts around the `net about the Wedington range but I'm not surprized that it's no longer available. It does, however, look like there's one off of Hwy 12 in the Hobbs State Forest. But that's not real convenient for me.

Some of the Ozark/Ouachita NF web sites mention that shooting is legal (with some restrictions) so I may give them a call. (Actually, there are several ranges in the Ouachita NF.)

I can always go up to Sturm's range but, hell, all I want to do is shoot some beer cans with my .22 (or some plastic jugs full of water with my .41 mag.)

When I was a kid growing up in Little Rock I would throw my .22 or my .410 over my shoulder, walk the 3 blocks to the rail road tracks and then walk down the tracks a couple or three miles out of the city limits and shoot/hunt all I wanted. Can you imagine what would would happen to a kid walking through LR with a gun over his shoulder today??? Things just ain't like they used to be (and,,, they never have been.)

-- alonzo

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Howdy Alonzo,

its been awhile, hope you are doing well.

we used to shoot out on highway 16 in the national forest around lake wedington, there was a "range" out there for years that is shut down now, but not sure if its legal to go target shoot out there in the forest now.. I think it is? but I am certainly no expert.

the weedy rough mt tower site looks cool, might check that out soon.
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