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I like banjo music... `cept when I'm out riding by myself (and, I know what you mean...eerie feeling... BTDT) I was riding once somewhere down South of Brannon Mtn and shortly after I passed a couple of guys in an old pickup stopped on the side of the road, the road turned into what looked like a dry creek bed (and very downhill too.) The `ole DR was levitating when it went back past that pickup and out of there.

But, sounds like it's worth checking out.


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Weedy Mtn area is neat, that was my last ride I took back on Dec 16 (had no FF take me up on it).
I tried to go thru on Old Ridge Rd loop, but like most everything up there, it turns private. In fact, off of Sunset going up Weedy, the only way "out" is on Koyle Cemetery rd., but all the dead ends still were good riding and views. Definitely worth exploring. I did not take the dead end to lookout, lots of purple, but road not marked private at entrance. Definitely not travelled much. I think I was hearing banjos......
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