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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Well I caught up, only a few pages, the race is taking it's toll on here as well

Gotta comment on Kurt's post-Special interview, I am impressed, he looks really calm, understated, and most important, loved leading the race and is willing to navigate. Smart guy, he has a true "hard coded" racer's brain.

So Kurt opens up today, I will be rooting for him again. KTM need a different passport on their "A" teams, and Kurt has found himself at the right place at the right time. I just hope they can support him an a couple of more FIM rounds before the next Dakar. I would love to see him in Sardignia, the pace of navigation there is just crazy. Gonk, Despres, Pedrero and Chaleco follow. Chaleco is interesting for me, so much potential some times and yet loses out majorly on others. Contesting 3rd place on the podium with Jakes is going to be a cliff hanger this year hopefully. Botturi in 5th overall is not that far behind, and he is old-school enduro-tough. Banged up little finger is annoying him, he may just ask a doctor to amputate it .

Sorry to hear of Barreda's shoulder, he looked in quite a lot of pain at the finish yesterday,unless he was just sand bagging and disappointed he lost so much time after opening the course. Remember that 1.15 difference on stage 10, when Cyril opened and Barreda played catch up? Well, yesterday while the tables were reversed, Joan lost 4.30 to Cyril

On HRC, there is so much controversy and spin that I can't really pass judgement on their tactics.
Fiambala to Copiapo!! Kurt opens on mainly On Piste stuff... bring on today

Got to agree on Caselli, but I don't believe his riding ability has ever been at question - would be great to see him do some FIM, but whether his US KTM schedule would allow it, not so sure. A Casseli Cody team would be be great - maybe Robbie G's sponsors & money may wish to spread their base

Be careful of Sardegna though, the Italians can be very French at times
Last year the Honda Europe Raly Raid team were shafted with starting numbers in the 70's - try to get decent times in Sardinia on those tight tracks with the dust and from back there! No reseeding either, even after an objection!!

Made my comment on the HRC effort - post #14235 page 949 - let us see what the next months bring in many ways
What could possibly go wrong?
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