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Originally Posted by Spark01 View Post
thanks that inside, but i would suspect if we put a "airdam" in front of the filter. then the most air comes from below and then we are sucking hot air due to the heat of the engine. and that doesn't help for power. however if we put a plate beneath the filter so no hot air can come from that way and a airdam in front of the filter then maybe it would work....?. (cold air enters from behind in the airbox)

p.s do you mean such kind of mist above the stacks like in this video:

Yep that's it, and you don't need high injectors for it, it even happens with 48IDA webbers.

I would suspect that its just a matter of making the air tumble a bit so you don't have laminar flow slicing across the top of the velocity stacks.. ( Just my gut on this one... :) )

You might even be able to just put a piece of denser foam just on the front of the filter so the air comes more from the sides but is not totally blocked? Aero is always 1/2 science 1/2 voodoo.

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