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Originally Posted by riverman View Post
I have been following some of the Dakar 2013 race. Are you close to any of that? Seeing any bikes or Dakar vehicles? Still reading and enjoying your great report.
Dakar is all over the TV here. I have watched a bit of it, in Spanish of course. From what i understand some motorcycle guy, I can't quite catch his name is winning big time. I guess I'm relatively close but I haven't really checked to see. I met a Father and Son from Colorado who were on their way to see the race, back when I crossed into Ecuador from Colombia, they were riding new BMW 1200's the son owned a BMW shop. I have seen lots of people wearing Dakar clothes or at least clothing with the Dakar logo on it. Peru seems to be very proud that they have attracted this race, and rightly so.

When is the Moncton M/C show? Are you going to get me a deal on a new Super Tenere?

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