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Originally Posted by Alli View Post
Quote from: buzzlightyear on Today at 12:15:52 PM
Rookies list at end of s 11:

NICE ONE buzzlightyear . am going to keep that one open as well as the main list. Thanks

Quote from: alanB on Today at 12:21:39 PM
Hell isnt the internet amazing!

We have a little debate here, which is picked up by another forum, and then some guy in Holland publishes an live Rookie Tracker

All within hours!

Ja, is bloody amazing isn't it.

If only the ASO was as quick as Mischa, he is doing a cracking job on his site, always looking for ways to improve.

My little rant: The bigger the organisation is and the more it controls things the less the public get what they want.


Thanks a lot to you too! They should hire me to do this for them ;-) I have so many more ideas and took 2 weeks off from work to work on the site. And even that's not enough It's a pleasure to do this for you all and I hope they allow me to do this in the future too
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