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Originally Posted by valvecrusher View Post
Its similar to the T56 used since the LT1 F-cars, the Cobras, Vette and Vipers..

Also, it's not very likely you'll be tryin' to BANG it into 7th...

Also, for those of us with LOTS of experience with the T56....the 'gates' have solenoids shifting 'locks' over the gates...
You cannot physically discern a -locked out- gate, although the center detent in a T56 is 3-4....
but the T56 and the new 7 speed have the same number of gates WIDE... Just one has a 7 where -R- is on the m6, and -R- where the m6 has nothing..

so, the
center is probably STILL 3-4...

The 1-4 shift instead of 1-2 when lightly accelerating DOES take some getting use to..also the 2nd-5th instead of 3rd is equally disconcerting the first few dozen times...

to the same effect, you'll NEVER hit 2nd-R, (in a m6) because of the gate this car 5th-R(same principle)
(in a m6, you HAVE to select 1st, THEN drop into R..... R is locked out at all other times)

But you know how the system works, yes?
The CPU determines WHICH gates are available, dependant on throttle position, speed, emissions at tailpipe, engine RPMs, previous(current)gear selected, and traction
(plus more probably on this car...but you get the point)
Interesting...definitely did not know how it all worked. Thx for the deets.
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