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I currently have two motorcycles. I have a 2002 Dakar over here in Finland and a 1998 Harley Low Rider in the United States.

I won't part with the Harley. It belonged to my late father, who passed when I was in my later 20's. There is quite a bit of memory stored in that bike, times we spent at the motorcycle races when I was a kid (Jay Springsteen at the Springfield Mile baby!), motocross races, flat track of all kinds, hill climbs. Trail riding all over the place and some trips out to Sturgis in the early 1980's. Of course, it wasn't on that THAT bike obviously, but the connection brings back a lot of memories every time I ride it. So when I'm on the bike I have lots of those memories and its a nice feeling to keep that machine running and touring. Next time will be this summer 2013, getting excited.

The Dakar is the bike I chose for myself. I really love it and will keep it as long as it's running well. I figure it's got 5-6 more seasons at least and then I will think about it. But honestly, if someone offered me enough money for it, I would part with it no problem. Thing is, right now I would accept what anyone would probably offer on it...and what I would demand at this point would be far too high for a normal buyer. That's just because I'm not looking to sell a fully decked out Dakar without getting enough money to deck out a new one.
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