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OP, by omission, I presume you mean you haven't learnt yet:
  • Whether tubed tyres are better or not than tubeless.
  • That any motorcycle with a 17" rear wheel is a toy and should not go offroad, ever.
  • That any motorcycle with a cush drive is a toy and should not go offroad, ever.
  • That the only correct definition of "what constitutes a road" is the most hardcore one in the argument.
  • GPSes are for pussies and that real men use maps, but using a GPS purely for tracking is acceptable as a means for uploading a .gpx your incredibly fast/difficult trail ride for others to try and follow. Provided you have a 60CSX, of course.
  • Anything other than a tarp/bivvy to keep the rain off means you're a wuss.
  • Lashing stuff outside your hard luggage is only acceptable on a RTW trip; doing it on anything shorter than 6 months means you're packing too much.
  • If you need to take it to a dealer to get it fixed, you're half a man and deserve for them to charge you $1000 for a $100 job that they do poorly.

Looks like you need to read some more.

Seriously, though, great first post and welcome aboard.
I like my bike because I can overtake 4x4s down farm tracks with a week's worth of shopping on the back.
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