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Originally Posted by kaia View Post
personally... i'm a bit dissappointed with the quality (and quantity) of the webventure photos so far this year. in past years we had hundreds, if not thousands of photos with a high percentage of them being "amazing"... this year, the quality and uniqueness of the photos seems a bit below webventure's historical "par". we get lots of good & great shots, and lots of repeat shots (the same shot with different vehicles) but not as many "amazing" or "jaw dropping" shots as in past years. the numbers don't lie... we're about to start stage 12, and there have been just under 700 total photos made public on webventure's site. last year, for example, there were the following 1409 bike related photos at the end of the rally. at the rate they're going, i doubt we'll break half that (for the bikes)

maybe i'm jaded from working at SmugMug, with all the amazing photography i see on a daily basis... but i almost feel as if (a) the quality is down this year, or (b) they're not releasing the best shots to the public, but keeping them to sell to the competitors as part of the photo packages that they sign up for at scruitineering. i think it's almost definitly (b)... i really hope it's not (a).

what does everyone else think?
I agree, their quality this year is markedly down, Im sure diffrent photographers different situation. Webventure has become a wildy successful business, and knowing the founders from 2010, Im sure they have their focus on other things right now.
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