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Originally Posted by Tripped1 View Post
Yeah, not like I worked at a classic Vette dealer or anything . I know the differences between all of the cars, I simply wasn't there for the arguing about the astetics, they were done and over years in advance.

Of the C3 the '70-73 and the '81-82 are the ones I like styling wise. The 80s models need a bit of grooming mechanically before they are up to snuff.
My dad bought a '73 small block C3 brand new. It wasn't fast enough, so it was traded on a new '74 454. It too was a dog, so it disappeared for a few months to a specialist. When it returned it was making around 600 hp he lived with that for less than a year before buying a '75 911 and getting into racing.

I loved the look of that '73. I loved the sound and Acceleration of that hopped up '74, but I always thought Chevy blew it with regard to aesthetics.
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