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Originally Posted by feldjäger View Post
So happy to have run into this thread! Thought if I couldn't find anything like this in the search engine I was going to start a thread just like this, so thank you
One thing people should do is read the thread about rules and suggestions at the beginning of the RR section. It gives some pretty good advice. Three things I have noticed as a reader are:

1. Stay away form controversy unless you purposefully want to incite a discussion. One fellow on a long foreign RR mentioned doing an oil change and improperly disposing of the waste oil. Needless to say, his otherwise excellent report turned into a discussion of on the road ethics.

2. Don't let the report turn into a blog where there is more input from the audience than from you. There are some out there that seem to me to be not much more than friends, both new and old, engaging in conversation. The reports include long time periods spent not on the road. Sort of a never ending ride report with really nothing to report except trite conversation about one's life.

3. The ADV rules say you can't ask for money, but apparently it is not enforced. It seems that a good many riders are supplementing or paying for their ride this way. Readers feel compelled to post saying that they made a donation and reporters feel compelled to say thank you. IMO, that doesn't make for a good report.
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