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Gents some great posts containing insightful informstion.

Traveltoad - Nice post. Yes the idea of the Overlander carrying its wieght below seat hieght is certainly nice in terms of bike handling and ergonomics, and one of the main reasons I'm looking at this set-up (in addition to its waterproofness). Issue is most of the pics I see of the Kriega have the bag corners jutting above the seat, which from a weight carrying ability do not bother me. However from a comfort point of view is distressing a bit as my arse shall be at that point on any tarmac.

You asked me " In many of your photos it looked like the opper portion of the Coyote was just not used, maybe to keep the seat clear? " Haha. No I've been guilty of loading the Coyote to the gills.

However the more years under my belt doing long distance offroading the more I have learnt to pare down what is brought along. The above was in '09 on a month long trip, camping etc. Lucky its mild temps over here generally so I can get away with a lot less clothes than most climates. Also now I'm learning to carry a bit less.

This year on a 3 week trip with same basic gear and conditions. Not much over seat hieght, learning to get by with less.

Droptarotter - Your post is th first I've seen with the bags mounted far enough back to get the darn strap near enough out of the way. Nice job!! In reference to my comments above to Traveltoad would it be possible to lower the bags to where the top corners are positioned below seat hieght? Would this induce interference anywhere on your 520?

In the second pics you have with the bag on the rear fender it makes it look as though the rear strap over the seat has crept forward two inches on the seat. Is that an optical illusion of did it indeed shift?


My experience of the Dirt Bagz with their two, 2" straps supporting the weight of the bag and the Coyote where the full weight of the bag is supported by the whole bag slung over the bike leads me to my next question. The Overlander 30 bag is supported by one inch straps with what it looks like a good bit of tension on the over the seat strap. This raises a bit of concern in my eyes of the bag overstresing the seams at the corner (look at Droptarotters close up pic) and tearing away at the top corner. Since these bags have not been out for long, nor sadly have they been reviewed (by a 3rd party)after thorough long term testing (not Kreigas fault as its a new product) its difficult to triangulate on this bags long term reliability with this seam in the real world of thrashing about offroad. Mike if you can enlighten me on why I should not be concerned with this point I would be greatful as I have seen many bags pull away from their over the seat straps and had to repair in the field..

I'm just a consumer looking to make informed decisions, nothing more. Please don't regard my posts as nitpicking Kreigas products. I can read all the flowery hype about Kreiga products anyplace, however in my eyes I've found many flaws and missed points in products that I have read gushing reviews, including on this forum, and just looking to address any potential issues that raise concern with me. The Kriega products I have sampled have all been wonderfully stitched and manufactured, and only some design issues have kept me from more of their products. Just looking to gain insight on the Overlander 30 as I have a need for luggage again at this point.

I'll also be looking for a larger hydration pack so will be checking out Kreigas options as well.

As always thanks to the posters as you inmates are a great wealth of info.
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