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Originally Posted by Yamarocket630 View Post
That does change my opinion that HIRs on a newly designed car are a copout. You are making 75% of the light of an HID for 90% of the price. Then you are passing that cost on the the consumer down the road who will have to replace those bulbs every 1-2 years. As we all know GM makes cars for people who are too stupid to know when to turn their lights on, and so the lights will simply be on all the time.

If you haven't picked up on it by now I'm NOT a fan of GM. I hope I live long enough to see them go bankrupt again and not get rescued.
The aftermarket h.i.d. kits are illegal to use on on road because they don't preserve the correct function of the lights and are not approved by the D.O.T. For people who want more light without compromising the output of their lights and have an application that can use the bulb, HIR is a viable choice. Your opinion your opinion about GM in this thread is worthless. They have no bearing on HIR bulbs except my explanation as to where I learned about the technology. There are a number of other brands that use the bulbs as well.
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