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Originally Posted by PackMule View Post
No so wild guessing. I don't buy that any fuel volume issue that Helder has had, save perhaps the first, could have been due to short-filling.

We're not talking about having an extra 15L on a 660 Rallye here. As you say, the %'s are small in this case. I know these guys are pushing at the ragged edge, and will look for any advantage available, but the risk doesn't justify -- especially given the issues they've already had with the Honda.
Yes, and yes again. Except this does not explain his past fuel issues. Add to that gallons vs Litres...or anything silly like that... and you have yourself the makings of a royal ....

If its not refuelling, it cant be electrical even though they said that.. (simply because they did not interview him, and that is very telling), I think (insert Japanses accent here:) It wars a problem with tha fuewal calculations!
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