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Pics from Lima

I met this nice young man my first night in Lima, Paulo, he is a lawyer from Portugal learning to be a lawyer here in Peru. Incredibly bright, great English. He told me he has a collection of 20 Vespa scooters. He has been collecting them since he was 16.

I went for walk yesterday and passed through Kennedy Park, the main square in Miraflores and was stunned to see at least a dozen homeless cats living in the park. What a shame. They are surrounded by busy traffic on all sides and just stay in the park. I was glad to see the park workers have dishes of food and water out for them.

Lima's shoreline drive

I met the Brazilian couple that owns this truck. He built the aluminium camper back him self and they have traveled to Alaska and are on their way home.

A young couple from France showed up at the Hostal driving this Pinzgauer. Cool truck. He told me he bought it used for 17,500 Euros and they are spending a year in South America in it.

He got thousands in sponsorship from General Tire, Outback Imports etc, just because it is such a cool truck, they wanted their name on it. He said he had tried to get sponsorship, driving a Toyota and no one was interested but with the Pinzguaer the sponsors jumped at the chance.

Sebastian from Houlihan's Irish bar. Great little bar, awesome guy! A real gentleman.

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