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Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
My experience of the Dirt Bagz with their two, 2" straps supporting the weight of the bag and the Coyote where the full weight of the bag is supported by the whole bag slung over the bike leads me to my next question. The Overlander 30 bag is supported by one inch straps with what it looks like a good bit of tension on the over the seat strap. This raises a bit of concern in my eyes of the bag overstresing the seams at the corner (look at Droptarotters close up pic) and tearing away at the top corner. Since these bags have not been out for long, nor sadly have they been reviewed (by a 3rd party)after thorough long term testing (not Kreigas fault as its a new product) its difficult to triangulate on this bags long term reliability with this seam in the real world of thrashing about offroad. Mike if you can enlighten me on why I should not be concerned with this point I would be greatful as I have seen many bags pull away from their over the seat straps and had to repair in the field..
I understand your concerns, but there no need to worry about that happening. This is where the Kriega difference come in to play! Instead of the straps being simply stitched on to the bag, like most other conventional panniers out there, the strap system is bolted onto the back of the bag, via stainless eyelets and fasteners. The back of the bags are heavily reinforced and can handle the tension easily. This arrangement also allows the bags to pivot so there is not torsional stress on any part / seam / material at any time. Like this (set in the background is the 30 - the 60 is in the foreground):

Plus, we have a 10-year warranty against that type of nonsense any way!

Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
I'm just a consumer looking to make informed decisions, nothing more. Please don't regard my posts as nitpicking Kreigas products. I can read all the flowery hype about Kreiga products anyplace, however in my eyes I've found many flaws and missed points in products that I have read gushing reviews, including on this forum, and just looking to address any potential issues that raise concern with me. The Kriega products I have sampled have all been wonderfully stitched and manufactured, and only some design issues have kept me from more of their products. Just looking to gain insight on the Overlander 30 as I have a need for luggage again at this point.

I'll also be looking for a larger hydration pack so will be checking out Kreigas options as well.

As always thanks to the posters as you inmates are a great wealth of info.
No worries, mate. I totally get where you're coming from and it makes sense to do as much research as possible on important equipment which - if it's not up to scratch - has the potential to life on the bike much more difficult than it should be. Kriega gear isn't for everyone, but those that do have it seem pretty happy with their choice. Sure, certain products may not be considered perfect by some, which is probably due to it being impossible to please all of the people all of the time. But - in the case of the Overlander 30 - it is pretty darn close to its brief, which was to offer high quality, lightweight, adjustable, reliable, effective and easy-to-use, off-road cargo carrying capacity to as wide a range of Enduro stye bikes and riders as possible, with the pros dramatically outweighing any potential cons.

And speaking of the Hydro-3... you should have a far easier time of it when deciding whether or not to get one. That product right there is one of those rare, rare breeds, so far head of the competition that it's a bona fide no-brainer!

Cool pics, by the way!


'Ave it.

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