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Originally Posted by WaterWheel View Post
It's such a weird story.

He had to be in on it from a publicity/sympathy standpoint. There's no way that a 22 year old star ND LB calls someone they've never met, his girlfriend. He was probably knee deep in co-ed minge.

Either way it's odd.
Not so sure....a devoted, very structured religion; a possibly naive, sheltered young man; some sick bastards in our society. It is possible he is telling the truth about it being a shameful hoax. Not everyone is worldly, even though they are famous. I can see a young Mormon lad calling a woman his girlfriend just from communicating with them, more often than not. It is not that far fetched. They do all the other stuff after they are married. I know that may sound ludicrous to some, especially here, but it is entirely possible. You don't have to be experienced in all things, to be a great football player.

As usual, reserving opinion until validated information is present.
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