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Originally Posted by O'Hooligan View Post
OK, I need the opinions of the gathered experts on my paranoia! I removed clutch and sidestand switches and wired the connector wires together and the bike ran fine. I ran the bike a few times no problems, But then my CDI unit malfunctioned, consequently the bike won't run. I know its the cdi as I was able to swap out a borrowed one and the spark was good.

The question is was this just coincidence or did it just decide it was time to quit? Before I drop lots of $$$ on a new cdi, I want to make sure it was not something I did.

Any suggestions?
Have you checked the clutch safety again. Make sure the wires are connected and did not pull them selves free of each other. The clutch safety is so easy to bypass but there is not much slack in the two yellow wires.

I did this bypass on a friends bike. He crashed his DR and it wouldn't start. Checked everything. Thought about the trouble shootting philosophy of "what was the last thing you modified/worked on". So goes back under the headlight cowl and sure enough the clutch saefty wire connection was pulled apart. He pulled out a few extra cm of length of wire from the harness/loom, and has been fine ever since.

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