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Originally Posted by greywolf View Post
Some stock reflectors do well with HID lamps and some do not. If my HIDs were bothering people, I would take them out. I have adjusted and checked the beam pattern to make sure it is not bothersome and have had no oncoming vehicles flash their brights at me.

The main reason I use HIDs is for use with heated gear. They draw less power, allowing more for heat, and they are steadily bright from 9V-16V. My heat controller that turns the power on for a variable fraction of each second made the halogen lights look like they were modulated, and badly.

I know they are not legal. Neither were the halogen lamps I used in the 1970s when sealed beams were required but legal lights back then were terrible.
And, this isn't about opinons on the quality of the conversions. It's about HIR bulbs. Your vast knowledge of optics is probably wasted here.
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