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Originally Posted by hugemoth View Post
I do a lot of off road riding alone in remote locations so it's defiantly carbs for me. I'm a mechanic. I do understand fuel injection systems, I do understand carbs. I like a simple carbed bike that will run without a battery.
Yep. Like my buddy's F800GS last year that the battery died and, guess what, no power = no EFI. Dead on the road. The other two of us on the trip rode 1.5 hours to the nearest town that luckily had a NAPA store with a battery close enough to fit the GS.

This experience was quite unlike my other buddy's KLR that we bump started and continued to ride when his battery wouldn't restart him on the road on a different trip.

Carbs are easy to clean in the field, and require no computer or battery power to operate. Both EFI and carbs don't like dirt, but since I don't need electricity to run my carb, that's 50% less failure mode to worry about. Better for bad conditions in my opinion. I recognize the power and fuel economy advantages of FI, but the simplicity and ability to deal with it on the side of the trail drove me to pick a carbureted ADV bike.
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