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Further instructions for installing maps in Peaklife GPS


Thank you very much for posting this. It could not have come at a better time. My Peaklife arrived just 3 days ago.

Here are a couple comments and helpful tips for others who are going to follow these instructions.

1) Your computer may not load the SIMM card and the resident flash memory in the same order each time you plug the GPS in. On my machine a drive called "TFAT" loads, this is the resident flash memory. The SIMM card loads as "Removable Disk", much the same as a usb stick would.

2) When you download the Primo from the link above you will find Primo2 embedded within a second Primo2 directory. Remove it so the files are only 1 directory deep, not 2, or the software will lockup.

3) You need to use on the sys.txt files that come in the download. Choose the 320x240 version as this is the resolution of the Peaklife

4) I was never able to get the maps to load using this script:


So instead I went with the default script that came in the download. So instead of installing the maps onto the SIMM, just install the maps in the Primo2\Content\Map, Primo2\Content\POI, Primo2\Content\Building directories. There is plenty of space on the resident flash to fit all the maps and POT's for North America (I didn't install the buildings as they were not in that download, so I am unsure if they would fit)

5) The Primo download above only includes voice navigation in Greek. I had to go looking around for English voice files. I apologize but I lost the link before I thought of typing out these notes here. They were not hard to find in the same torrent place as above. Just copy them into the Content/Voice folder.
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