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hard track and multitech

Hi Matteo,

Today i had a change to take a look at your new Hard Track jacket. I also tried one on in the store. This really is a fantastic (look and function) and very comfortable feeling jacket!

I did however go to the store to take a look at another jacket: the Multitech Armor Tex jacket. Unfortunately they didn't have one for me to see or try. Before i go forward with this i wanted to ask you the following;

- can i fit a Chest Protector Thorax Warrior (code Z157S) in the Multitech Armor jacket?
- can i fit an Back Warrior Evo Inside (code Z147) in the Multitech?

These would be interesting upgrades to the standard included armor (resp the warrior back and chest).

For sizing; the Hard Track in size L fitted correctly. Normally i'm a size M (i'm from the netherlands) but with your jacket i needed to go one larger for the length of the sleeves/arms. I assume that i therefor also need the Multitech jacket in size L, correct? (I'm 179cm and thin). I worry that the arms will not be long enough since the Multitech sleeves seem to be shorter than usual? (l read a lot of reviews :o).

Thank you Matteo,

kind regards,

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