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Is the bike paid for or still being financed?
Kelly BB for 2008 Adventure = +/-6k Trade-in, +/-8.5k Retail
If I was faced with this delima I'd hope for "totaled". Only because it would eliminate me second guessing mysellf down the road. Like most of us, my first recation was "get money from insurance, fix it myself, end up improving my lot". But in reality what would most likely happen is that yes, the bike would be repaired, but every time something rattled or squirmed I would think there was a problem that was missed in the repair. Could you imagine the frustration, if while riding one fine afternoon that you noticed something, however so minor, that can never be tweaked back to normal...say like handle bar, fairing alighnment, or an odd feel in certain conditions (like rain). It would drive me nuts questioning if I did the right thing by keeping the crashed bike thinking I was saving money when in reality that was my best opportunity to upgrade.
I would rather have peace of mind over the long haul than saving a couple of grand for the present time.

Not sure of this, but will an insurance company just cut you a personal check or will it need to be addressed to a repair shop?

Good luck!
BTW...nice looking Shoei....good excuse for custom paint job :^)
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