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Some thoughts

As Rod and some others here have commented, people are inherently good. They keep to their own business and give a hand when it is needed. This is my second trip to Russia and I just love the people, the scenery and the country It is the best place to be on a bike.

Before my first trip to Russia I was full of prejudice. A Russian character in an American movie is a big bald guy (like me ) that will beat you to death with a brick. That's if he is in a good mood

I grew up with the cold war and the iron curtain. When we crossed over the border the first time it was a bit scary. We did not know what to expect. We'd heard all these horrible stories. Our big BMW's would be nicked in a minute and we would be left bloody in a ditch for the wild animals to feed on. Nothing could be further from the truth. My prejudices were picked away on by one. By way of unselfish friendliness, helpfulness and kindness.

Walter once wrote: Treat a Russian biker as your brother. Not as a friend, but as your brother. Because he would do the same for you. I second that, but I would delete the word biker

I also want to extend my thanks to you the reader. For your comments and encouragement A trip like this has three faces:
  1. The Planning.
    You look at maps. Draw the route and dream. Talk to other adventurers. Gather intel. Set a date.

  2. The Trip.
    You get on your bike and go. You start with Plan A. Ends up with Plan Y or something, but you have a great trip. You meet marvelous humans. You conquer difficulties and grow as a human being. You expand your vision. You see that you are not the centre of the universe

  3. The Storytelling.
    You get to relive your trip. You go through all your pictures and videos. You are back in the woods. Thinking about all the great persons you have met.

It is really fun to share a trip like this. Especially with an audience like you
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