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Originally Posted by ph0rk View Post
Granted this is an s10 "bashing" thread, but I can't imagine any quality of the multistrada that would make me choose one over a super tenere.
Oh, that's easy - 150hp!!
And a gorgeous bike with tons of character. A Tenere? Not so much. Not that I didn't like it. In fact, were it not for the new Tiger XC I'd probably be a Tenere owner today, possible a 990ADV owner.

I didn't think it was really a 'bashing' thread, more that there are other motocycles to choose from than just the only one a S10 owner thinks. And I think it offered up a way to vent about dislikes about it more than completely disliking the bike. For me the sole detractor was it's weight. The rest of the niggles I could deal with. It's a solid machine.

Wife and I seriously considered a 'Strada to replace the Versys. Would make a fun touring machine. But I wanted something less costly to buy, maintain, and insure, and something with a bigger front wheel, at least a 19. I surely liked it more than a GS or GSA, but not for the same 'mission' as mentioned.

Bikes that were on my shortlist:

VStrom (mostly just a glance)
Multistrada (mostly a pipe dream)
Tiger 1050

With the last two as only road-oriented. Granted they are all different, but have many similarities in purpose.
They all had reasons to scratch them, the Tiger XC the least so, so that's what we got and absolutely love it.
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