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Originally Posted by theshnizzle View Post
I have a zumo mounted on the bike that I have not used once, too complicated and time consuming. I also have xm radio and never used that either. Too much fiddling when I could be riding.
WOW! That's a new one! Man, I dunno where I'd be without a GPS- in my case it makes things SOOOO much easier.

I think where it helps in terms of trips is that due to the fact that invariably I have only a finite amount of time to get away. Prior to leaving, I create a route and load it up to the GPS. That allows me to actually more or less brainlessly go where I want to and get to focus on the beauty around me as opposed to constantly having to look at a map and determine where to go.

The same could be achieved as already noted with a high lighter and a paper map, but even then I'd have to stop to flip the map over and with the GPS all I do is start the bike. It's just personal preference. I'd like to do more navigation with paper maps, but I simply don't have the time.

Staying on topic, I got into this thread b/c I was wondering how folks navigate with a tablet and gloves since they don't work, but those finger deals look like the winner to that solution- so a new tablet may be in order as a replacement to my aging GPS...
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