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Originally Posted by SS in Vzla. View Post
La Candelaria is not really the best part of town. Is like going to the Bronx and thinking "Well this isn't like the New York I've seen in the movies" (which is normally Manhattan). It's just the city's center.

Save travels amigo. Hope your problems are solved quickly and painlessly enough so that you can continue on your RTW asap!
i agree with what you are saying, i know there is more to the place than i saw, i just think its a shame that a city founded in 1538 with so much history behind it that the people that live there don't sem to have any respect for the pace at all, i watched people throw trash on the ground, kids doing it with their parents watching and they do nothing, i even saw some guys graffitting a wall at night, and watched the cops just walk by, nice areas are nice but the worse areas need to be looked at as well

i think i just really didn't want to be there, i went by the Gold Museum each day and every day there was massive lines and something happening that i couldn't get in...i guess a few beers would have taken the edge off too late now though i'm already in Florida riding north

Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
Nice! If only the inventor of the paint spray can could see the unintended consequences of his invention.
looking at the graffitti it just made me think about Las Vegas' former mayor, i lived there for twelve years and it made me think about this - oscars opinion of what to do with graffiti artists click the link
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