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Pissed New bikes are fugly

I'm an industrial designer and I have the opinion that basically all new bikes are too ugly to seriously desire. I cant find one modern bike that fits in to my sense of self and my style. Every bike that's not a Harley is covered in acres of wildly styled plastic parts. Guys I know want a bike with a steel tube frame, a visible engine and carbs, and no plastic on it. Maybe the triumph 900 scrambler is close. If manufacturers would Remake old aircooled 500-750 cc bikes with modern reliability and they will sell. To be a biker in America, it's like you have to chose from a small group of predetermined personal identities. An aggressive sport biker with chrome nazi helmet, a tattooed, america-first classic rock cruiser shitkicker, old fart on a goldwing, a yuppie dick on a ducati, or a potbellied adventure rider with a GS, multicolor onesie and huge luggage. Where's the cb750 standard you can just take out for a ride without telling everyone you're some kind of exceptionalist douchebag? That's why I founded a communal garage where my buddies can buy old bikes and make them look really cool. You can't make a 2013 Bike look cool, you just can't. So how am I supposed to drop $8k on something that I hate looking at?
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