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Getting back to the "doomed" industry, I don't think it's doomed, but it's definitely changing. It seems like motorcycles originally gained popularity as a low-cost alternative to cars, and as cars got cheaper motorcycling turned more and more into a hobby/sport for enthusiasts, and they got more expensive. In many 2nd and 3rd world cultures 2-wheels are still the primary form of transportation, and even in North America today we see a surge in scooter sales when gas prices spike. Today, when considering true motorcycles (not scooters or larger displacement automatic gearbox crossover machines) they're no longer a low-cost alternative to cars, and to the contrary the upper end of the market, particularly european brands, seem to be what is carrying the market overall. I think the market for 2-wheel vehicles is actually going to get better over the next decade, but most of that growth is going to be in the scooter and crossover segment, not in "real" motorcycles. Hopefully some of the young people who cut their teeth with scooters out of necessity will move on to bigger machines.

Still doesn't change the fact that most kids today are pussies
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