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Originally Posted by Motoswami View Post
I'm in the middle of replacing my rear shock. I've been using a shock from a Generation 1 Suzuki SV650. It worked well, but recently I noticed the seal was blown, and I no longer had any dampening -- time to source another shock. Found one used (10K miles) on the SV Owner's List and now I'm in the process of modifying it so it will mount. The top end, with the rubber bushing, needs to be ground more narrow, and the bottom end -- since the SV shock is 3/4" too long -- needs to be re-drilled and one side threaded for the bolt to screw into (10mm x 1.25). This photo shows the stock NX shock, blue in the center, a modified SV shock on the right, and an SV shock in the process of being modified, on the left.
I put a 1st gen. SV650 shock (full length) on the NX250 some time ago and it works great!
Last month I shortened another 1st gen. SV650 shock to 12.25" bolt centers for the NX125.
Both were set at the 5th of 7 preload settings.

The NX125 rear suspension is much improved, but the spring is way softer than the one on the NX250.

The point of the story is that used shock / springs can have varying results depending on how much abuse they have seen prior to being sold.
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