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They stopped making them because nobody bought them. I'm not being facetious, that's just a fact. I can't stand the whole "transformer" look of most of today's bikes, but apparently somebody thinks that's what people want.

Guzzi seems to have found their stride with the V7, and I think the new California 1400 is a stunner. Triumph has done a pretty good job of selling traditional-looking bikes. There are a lot of Harley XR1200 owners and fans around here, but they couldn't give them away and pulled the plug on the model. No matter how much market research the manufacturers do, there's still a lot of black magic involved in trying to figure out what pushes people's buttons and makes them buy your bike. Sometimes it's purely accidental, like in the case of the Ducati Monster, their best-selling, and one of the best-selling european motorcycles of all time. A few guys decide to work on their own a few nights a week playing around with a chassis from this bike, motor from that one, and lightning strikes. Motorcycles are emotional, and when you overthink things you can suck that out of them.

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Where's the cb750 standard you can just take out for a ride without telling everyone you're some kind of exceptionalist douchebag? That's why I founded a communal garage where my buddies can buy old bikes and make them look really cool. You can't make a 2013 Bike look cool, you just can't. So how am I supposed to drop $8k on something that I hate looking at?
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