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Originally Posted by bash3r View Post
No.. I have not registered it yet.. I'm wondering if its still registered to the PO. Can I unregister my 60Csx, register my 478 and then load my maps up on it? I'm just cringing at buying a prehistoric data card.. lol
If it is still registered to another, you have to call them, if it is not reported stolen, they will clear the registration after 7 days for you.

un-registering the old unit will NOT let you use your old maps, as stated the maps are married to one unit only! The ONLY way to get the maps transferred to another unit is if Garmin replaced the unit as part of a repair, Period end of discussion!!!

The more I think about it the more I am sure once you register the unit it will let you continue the lifetime updates and access 5the maps for your computer. It is a 20 minute process at most to find out.
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