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I've been known to succumb to a clever advertizing phrase. After all I used to write them.

To me an "enzyme" works in an organic process, like digesting food? A catalyst might have been a better word to use.

I also don't have many problems with the 10% ethanol. Fuel lines and maybe O-rings but I have been cleaning carbs before they go bad so I've been on top of it. I think the plastic floats may be affected. Again then current ones are only one year old.

I would like to see any comments by anybody who has a back ground in Chemistry and/or independent studies of these kinds of claims. The blubs with the product are pretty useless. And parts people? They are worse than me when it comes to wanting to believe in Free Lunch.

I bought one battle of Star Tron about 5 or 6 years ago. Guess what? I bought it in a boat store. I still have most of that bottle.
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