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Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
I was impressed with this. I wish they could tell you what it compares to. It looks like it's more efficient which makes it faster then the equivalent PC. If I can play the top games with everything on Very High and no lag, then I'll be impressed and may buy one.
Considering my video card is about the same size as that full box I doubt it. Notice how small that area is for the video card, they might be able to fit in something like a GTX650.

I can play Assassins Creed III with the smallest bit of lag in the most complex environments with everything maxed out, and this is the size of the GTX660 I'm using:

I think the goal for this will be cost since if I have a piston for use with steam then in 2-3 years I can upgrade the graphics card for ~100 bucks (if it's around the GTX650 level) and keep the system going.
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