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Originally Posted by NikonsAndVStroms View Post
Considering my video card is about the same size as that full box I doubt it. Notice how small that area is for the video card, they might be able to fit in something like a GTX650.

I can play Assassins Creed III with the smallest bit of lag in the most complex environments with everything maxed out, and this is the size of the GTX660 I'm using:

I think the goal for this will be cost since if I have a piston for use with steam then in 2-3 years I can upgrade the graphics card for ~100 bucks (if it's around the GTX650 level) and keep the system going.
The GFX is supposed to be a Radeon 7000 series but they don't tell you which one. They tend to be more efficient then the Nvidia's. They said it's a more efficient computer overall though. That happens when you use proprietary components. Running solid works with just 2GB ram is impressive. Seeing as they're teaming up with Steam, I suspect that the Xi7 would have to run with everything maxed to be a top tier seller as a gaming PC.
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