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Originally Posted by Ceri JC View Post
My 2 (Euro)
Motorcyclists need to start doing it regularly, in large numbers; the single biggest thing to train car drivers to it (which is the main thing) is to get used "being filtered past". No one is going to flash their lights or get into a fight at the lights when 100 motorcyclists come past them on their commute. If it's just one lone rider, the psychos will take umbrage at your refusal to waste your life sat in traffic, irrespective of what the law may say on the matter.
This is the best answer. Start doing it at red lights, then progress to freeways. Just do it!

Several years ago when I started doing it here in Texas, people would get outraged, and it seems like I was the only one doing it. Now I see it more and more often, and cagers seem to be less bothered by it. If there is a wreck on the freeway you will actually see several bikes doing it now. Many a time I have split by a bike, only to see him get behind me and start splitting too. I know we have a lot of Californians moving here, me thinks they are bringing their bad habits with them!
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