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Originally Posted by ric678 View Post
Ok, so my crapoy computer won't play the Pyndon call, can someone give me the scoop?
pretty please
The bottom billet piece at the bottom of his fork leg split in half, probably from a hard hit on a rock. Split oil over the brakes as well since that left the bottom of the damper stack swinging in the breeze dripping oil.

He decided to stop and fix it 'properly' with liquid metal (I assume one of the metal loaded epoxies) and high strength cable ties. I.e. clean with petrol from the tank, wait to dry, epoxy the two halves to the fork leg and pull like hell on the ties to hold it together while it set.

Waiting for the epoxy to dry left him behind the rest of the bikes, and riding carefully after that meant he was slow. I got the impression that by half way it was "f... this, it hasn't broken yet it'll probably hold" and he picked up speed, by them the oil had likely burnt off the pads as well .

Forks were fixed by the WP service truck that happened to be at the bivvy and it looks like he's good to go again.

That was my interpretation of it, which may well be wrong. The podcast is great , I recommend making an effort to listen to it yourself at some point.

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