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Originally Posted by theshnizzle View Post
Why would I be constantly looking at the map? Nor do I ever use hi lighter until end of riding season when I highlight everywhere I went. I plot out the route and write it down with sharpie,then slide the paper under my map pocket. Extra RAM comes in the form of more sheets of folded

All I need to do is glance down at my directions. But to each thier own in travelling,I have had nothing but terrible experiences with GPS and I find it limits my interaction with locals,whom I ask for directions ( when needed) ,recommendations for campgrounds,grocery stores,whatever.

I may take another stab at trying to figure out the whole xm thing that apparently works through the GPS.......or something.....if I decide to sell, it will be posted up here.
Yeah, I wasn't giving you a hard time and if it works for you, I wouldn't change. You may know your surroundings better, but I end up really relying on when to turn quite a bit. I'm also a geek and a gadget freak, so I go out of my way to understand and integrate tech into my life...

The ultimate benefit to the way you are doing it is that when all the GPS satellites fall out of the sky, you'll still be set.
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