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Your Olympus camera probably takes a micro SD card, if it's not the normal SD. Walmart carries a card reader that reads all of the popular cards, and it's cheap too. Here's a link:

Originally Posted by NomadGal View Post
I wasn't being very smart when I went into Starbucks on my day of leaving!
I had left the keys in the ignition and the bike on
Sure was glad I only stayed half a hour, and that I had previously used my battery charger to fully charge it before I left.
Spirit started right up again, I held my breath!
After sending off my package to Mountain Alps (logo of my old mat) I headed north via a nice and quiet road.
It was heaven!!
After two months of interstate noise from the house, people and radio noise form the store, and the usual noise that comes from living with people, I was longing for some quiet time.
Zigzagging my way north took me a while, but I didn't mind the extra miles, it was beautiful and I took lots of pics.

Well............, where are they you may ask?
Yeah......, on my new camera I got from Jim that he bought for me on ebay.
I love it! it takes absolutely wonderful photos, and is ready fast. The only bummer is that the guy he bought it from did not include the cord to attach it to my laptop. At first I though no prob, I will just insert the memory card into my laptop.
That plan kinda backfired on me seeing as the olympus uses a one of a kind memory card that won't fit into the card slot.
Big bummer! Oh well, Guess I'm going to visit wallymart again and see if by chance they sell them there, if not I'm going to have to figure out where to sent one to if I order one.

Anyways, I will make my writing short seeing as it is the picture that says the most about a trip.
I found a great state park on Hwy 471, unfortunately I would have had to hike in three miles to camp there, and it was close to sunset. I asked the park ranger if he knew one nearby, and other than a noise right on Hwy 98 RV park, he didn't know of one. Then I asked him about the youth group campsite, if I could maybe stay there... (I was crossing my fingers behind my back). He said okay, meet me at the office in 10 minutes.
He wrote me up a camping stub and drove ahead of me to show me where the campsite was.
It was beautiful and I was the only one there! The wonderful place only cost me $5.60! Yay, what more could a girl want?

I had a fairly quiet night (except for some owls hooting and some pigs, or boars grunting near my tent) and slept from 8PM to 8AM. Guess I was tired!
The next day I rode North-West to the golf coast and found Econfina state park on the bay off of Hwy 98 on hwy14.
According to my little state park booklet there was a campsite there....... I could not find it, again! There was a little store that was closed for the day where I could have paid the fee for a campsite, but the campsite itself I couldn't find.
I finally rode down a little dirt road near the water and found a beautiful secluded area with a small building that looked like it might have been bathrooms at some point. The whole area looked like it could have been a campground but was severely overgrown. I didn't mind! Away from the public and quiet! I pitched my tent, made dinner, took some awesome photos of the sunset, and went to sleep.
The next morning as I was eating me oatmeal, a couple of volunteer park rangers walked by. They told me that the campground had been shut down due to flooding during bad weather. Guess I was lucky the weather was god that night!
Seeing as I was leaving anyway they said nobody would mind me having stayed there. The couple stayed at the state park in exchange for volunteering to maintain the premises and clean up etc. It sounded like a great thing to do.
I hit the road shortly after and headed toward Apalachicola national forest. I found a forest ranger building and got a map with all the free campsites, and the cheap $3 ones. The library was on the way, so I decided to quickly check in and say hi.
As soon as I have found a cord to plug in my camera I will post the pictures!
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