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So Faria stops at refueling and his rim is not good. Someone offers him a new wheel, he refuses and take the risk of doing the rest of the special. He tell this to Cyril.
The Alien, master strategist, decides to help his mate. What does he do? He let the boys go up front and they have hard time with the navigation. They are all a bit lost. Chaleco is one of them, he loses time. In the meantime he tells Caselli to slowdown, and explain to him wtf is happening.

Faria, with the broken rim gets to be 2nd in the special, and gains 3 minutes on Chaleco.

Well done Cyril, muddyboy
I've just forgot all the mud situation.
Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Master strategist (possibly the best of the post modern Dakar era - 2000+), great rider and the PR dept' have gotten most of the mud off his countenance (after last year) with his (back to original) on camera personality, interviews, tweets and general demeanour.

A good day by Cyril Despres!
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And this is what intrests me the most about DAKAR, never mind the physical and mechanical issues one has to deal with. CDP shows that he is the ultimate stategist, he has been calculating his moves since day 2, he know short of a mechanical failure he has overall wrapped up. He now starts strategizing forhis team mates to optimize their finishing positions.

CDP has shown that he deserves the position within the team and shows that he truly is part of the team.

Originally Posted by Flood View Post
Looks like Kurt and Cyril are good friends by now. Stopping on top of the dune, having a chat. Life's good.

When I saw the picture earlier today I thought of the caption "You go first No ou monsuir. No, no no, I insist. I enseest as well"

But later as things became clearer it was very clear what he must have said to Casseli.

A master stroke by the master himself! Mr Bandanna, Cyril Despres you have in less than two weeks won back all the support you lost and doubled down with new admiration.

The Cyril haters have no chance now. This guy has shown how outstanding, how in control he really is. Things have suddenly become a LOT more difficult for Marc Coma. I really, really hope that Cyril stays on next year and that we get to see a CdP, Faria, Coma Casselli partnership in action. It will be like watching the Volkswagens in 2009, 10 & 11 but for bikes.

Cut to team HRC....:

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Honda's return thwarted (in spanish)


"It's all new. And this bike is very young. We need more time to develop the bike. In half a year we could not do it, we don't compete in the Dakar for a long time and we lack experience. Our first victory was to be at the start, in Lima, "said Katsumi Yamazaki, project leader for Honda Dakar, which was already the head of command when the factory winged competed from 1981 to 1989. In the 80's Honda won four titles. To return to winning they need more time, at least. "The Dakar is special. The tests can not play stages of 800 kilometers or about 600 special. We have gathered a lot of information and become stronger, "he adds. "We wanted to get on the podium, but it became impossible," says team manager, Henk Hellegers, frustrated, that does not hide the expectations that the project raised. What needs to improve? "Everything," says the Japanese. "You have to work on the durability of the bike", he assumes, aware of the significance that is if one is to be competitive in the Dakar. "You have to work hard. And in everything, "adds Rodrigues laconic.
Helder sums it up in one sentence. The team support and design has been poor to say the least. They have a long way to go before they come anywhere near the other teams. Its kinda embarrassing to see their videos, with the HRC standings at the end of each one...
Dreaming of Dakar
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