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I agree with all three. I wished there some way to create a type of draft post so that one could begin writing there ride report, and finish it, being making it visible to everyone else. I realize that this would work best for short ride reports and would not work for long reports that are being posted from the road. But in those cases, it would allow a report of each day to be completed without other conversation in between. I don't mind a little conversation and I expect to see some questions. However, I have read some ride reports were there is so much 'other' conversation that I lost interest in looking for the next segment. I guess I should get in the habit of search for posts by inmate....
If you use firefox, check out the Scrapbook extension. It allows you to make copies of webpages stored to your hard drive, and even make copies of the links on each page you copy. I am going to try this out in the "need to try something thread" (somewhere on this forums, cant remember real title) and see if I can work out a system.

Another idea I might talk to some moderators about is creating two threads and somehow binding them together in terms of forum placement. Think about it:

"Cooking the furnace; Baja on a KTM"
"Cooking the furnace; Baja on a KTM Comment thread!"

Everyones comments go in one thread, and whenever it receives a reply and is thus bumped to the top of the subforum, the main RR which details the trip is bumped with it (but "locked" to everyone but the OP).

This would allow everyone to follow along in real time, yet it would also preserve one thread as the go-to place to read about the trip without sifting through responses. The inmate reporting could simply monitor the Comment thread and respond in that thread.

Whats anyone think? I might try it even if the moderators cant help me. Moderators might want to consider something like this specifically for this forum- most forums work fine as they are, but considering the stark difference between the reporters message and the large volume of smaller addon responders, it makes sense to me...
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