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Just like the fuel injection thread..."If they made a Triumph Twin again"...."My old Matchless or Greeves was so superior to todays bikes"....."My Amal Carburetors on my old AJS worked better than fuel injection does today"......I bet you guys wishing for the old days have never ridden a modern bike. Some of you anyway. I work with an old guy that won't use a digital micrometer. It fuckin' reads to 50 millionths. 50 fuckin' millionths, but he's living in the past, like some of you are.

Try one of the new bikes. Ride a Multistrada. Those fuckers pull the front off in 3rd gear like a dirt bike. I found myself in Santa Barbara, when SB Ducati let me loose on one, pulling wheelies across intersections. Just a bitchin' ass bike. Lots of great bikes out there. You guys are in the minority when you want things like they were 50 years ago, it isn't going to happen. Things are very reliable now. You don't have to adjust the points by the side of the road anymore, and I don't miss that shit one bit.
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